I Am A Mystery

  • to myself
  • but not to God

Reeling from a failed marriage left me broke, alone, depressed, and confused; there was no hope, no future – – – life was over.  My most cherished beliefs were crushed: marriage, children, and family.

Being a vagabond was not my idea of happiness, but for a while I was until a family took me in.  To earn my keep there was plenty of stripping and painting of furniture to do; the family was preparing to move to a new city.  I went with them to their new home that needed lots of painting and repairs; more board and room chores was good.  Through all the stripping and painting I had lots of time to think of why this failure, where to go now, and where am I going to get the strength to go on.

The family was quite spiritual; I tagged along with them to church.  Slowly my sense of God in life returned and I began to immerse myself in reading the Psalms in the Old Testament to gain strength for every moment of the day. There was one Psalm that gave me great comfort Psalm 139:14 (NAB)  “My very self you know.”  The Lord knows me better than I know myself, especially at this point in my life.

One day it was time to return to the working world, in trepidation I began my search.  There was a small ad in a shopper’s guide paper that read: Adult education teachers wanted.  I had no idea what an adult education teacher was, but I did have an education degree.

It was in in the arena of adult education I began to heal and have purpose.  I had the privilege of working with people who were looking for a second chance in life just like me.  Adult education was teaching those who had not completed their high school diploma the first time but were returning to get it the second time.  My students ranged in age from 18 to 85; what a privilege to serve them.

It was in serving and nurturing others that life began to return and it was in immersing myself in the Psalms that my soul began to sing again.

Serving and worshiping the Creator who formed me and gave me life from the beginning had not abandoned me; and he will not and has not abandoned you.



Author: Conny Zander

My spiritual journey and adventures with the Lord. You have an adventure to live out on earth, but your greatest adventure is spiritual.

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