• the angels

Two back surgeries in one week left me debilitated to the point walking again was looking bleak.  The surgery was successful, but the aftermath was not; what a predicament.  While lying in bed helpless a blue code went off, someone’s life is in danger.

My kidney’s were shutting down, bowels quit, and 30 lbs. of water had accumulated in my body.  Breathing mask on and accompanied by many people in blue coats, off to ICU I went.  On waking, a new apparatus had joined me, a ‘bicycle chain’ down my throat.  Someone was always pushing pills, taking blood pressure, giving shots, feeding, bathing, and wiping my butt.  Many days and nights were sleepless; this whole scenario was not my idea of a good day.

Being in ICU quickly subdued any thoughts of being in control of anything.  So I’m thinking, where are all of those angels who are supposed to encompass and help me in my time of need.  Have they all gone on vacation?

At that complaint I sensed the Lord saying to me, “Do you see all the people who have helped you?”


”  – – – – these are my ‘holy angels of mercy.’ ”

My heart leaped with joy and I began telling everyone who took care of me they were a ‘holy angel of mercy.’  People responded with joy, tears, a smile, thank you, and gratefulness.  What a beautiful message of love from the Creator to those who helped me.

There were many who supported me through this trial; I am especially grateful to the ones who wiped my butt and bathed me, that’s mercy.

There was only one person who did not respond to being a “holy angel of mercy”; this puzzled me.  The Lord later revealed that this person was to self-sufficient.

Oh! – – – I see – – – like me?  Yes, like you.

Psalm 91:11  “For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways” (RSV)




















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