Meeting Mary


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This prayer changed my life:  Jesus, I’d like to meet your mother.

Why, you wonder.  Why not just talk to your own mother.  That’s easy to answer, we did not get along and I needed a woman in my life who knew me.

My experiential revelation in prayer was the overwhelming protective love the Father and the Son have for Mary, it is awesome.  This very same love they have for me and for you.  ASK,  SEEK,  and WAIT.  In succeeding days I prayed that the Lord would prepare my heart to meet his mother.

One morning the blessed mother said to me, “I always lead people to my son.”  These were freeing words because I falsely thought Catholics worshiped Mary; I just wanted to meet her.  In the days that followed Mary had many things to teach me as a woman who was full of feelings and thoughts of unworthiness, inadequacies, and insecurities.  It’s hard to face the day when bombarded by lies from the evil one in one form or another; I wanted to know myself.

A favorite story of mine was when Mary said she was going to take me shopping.  I have always wanted a personal stylist because it is not one of my strengths.  About three months later I found myself in Miami on an unplanned shopping spree with my sister-in-law, who has all the talents a woman needs.  We were, I should say, she was showing me what I would look best wearing.  We even got into make-up, ear-piercing, and accessories, all of which I hope would not turn me into a five-hour let’s get up and get ready for work routine.  She did have to take a few short cuts.  Needless to say, we had a grand time and a full day.  Just as we were about to exit this elegant store the blessed mother said to me, “See, I took you shopping.”

Shortly after this shopping spree I found myself on a personal retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona at a Protestant sisterhood dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  While on retreat Mary spoke again.

“My daughter, I never led, I was a model for others to follow.  You see, whoever follows and believes my son allows him to lead in all matters of life.  My daughter, you have been made for your own purposes for him.  Do not let the evil one torment you with lies of unworthiness.  You have a mission and a call from him as I did, all my daughters do.  Do everything he tells you to do and you will become a well-spring of joy.”

These two particular encounters were significant in healing my relationship with my own mother and helped me to embrace my womanhood. Our blessed mother is faithful to us as women in the world we find ourselves today.

“Do whatever he tells you.”  John 2:5 (RSV)








Author: Conny Zander

My spiritual journey and adventures with the Lord. You have an adventure to live out on earth, but your greatest adventure is spiritual.

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